Some Things Never Change.

By D.A. Forbes

Should Hillary Clinton become the 45th POTUS and serve two terms, Bushes and Clintons will have occupied the Oval for 28 of the previous 36 years.  Until the death of Antonin Scalia, the "current" bench of 9 Supreme Court Justices had served a total of 162 years.  The three most recently retired Justices served for another 79 years.  The average percentage of Congresspersons (535 members) who have not sought re-election in the 20th and 21st centuries is 20 (3 percent) and 11 (2 percent) respectively.  All of this is proof that there can exist such a thing as an irresistible force hurtling toward an immovable object.  The U.S. political model is such that inertia rewards the inert and punishes the reformer.  Therefore, a reality TV star gremlin and an anti-establishment socialist should not be considered curiosities at a time when masses are eager to behead corporations that own the rights to Capitol Hill and pedal merciless agendas through their control of 24/7 news cycle confederates.  If the moneyed remain unconquerable, one must suspect that 2024 looks like Chelsea versus Jeb.