Mother's Day Must Go.

By D.A. Forbes


Americans spend $25 billion on Mother's Day.  WOMEN deserve more.  They deserve more than 78 percent of what men earn.  They deserve more than 20 percent of Congressional seats.  They deserve more than 5 percent of CEO jobs.  They deserve more domestic help since men contribute less than half that of women.  They deserve more parity on consumer purchases that favor men.  They deserve more protection from sexual assaults in the military since they suffer 500 percent more than men. They deserve more than a retirement twice as likely lived in poverty.  And they deserve more than a nation that refuses to guarantee paid maternity leave.  Men represent 84 percent of top finance jobs, yet our economy is ravaged.  Men have occupied the Secretary of Education seat for 34 of the last 40 years, yet education is ravaged.  Men have occupied the Secretary of Health and Human Services seat 16 of the last 22 times, yet healthcare is ravaged.  Men have owned government forever, yet the middle class is ravaged.  Forget Mother's Day.  Women must rule the next Millennium.