New Birth Control

By D.A. Forbes

The most effective form of birth control isn’t the pill or the copper IUD or the diaphragm.   The most effective form of birth control is very simple.  Women must stop having sex with Republican men, especially those who occupy the halls of Congress.

In order for these men to have sex, they should be willing to do what a lot of them love to do when nobody's looking: pay for it.  That means agreeing to pay women 100 cents on the man-dollar, not 79.  And while we're at it, let's also raise the number of females in Congress from 19% to 51%, the same as the general population.  Come to think of it, let’s flip the script altogether and get that number of Congresswomen up to 81%.  Perhaps then we can stop watching a bunch 60+ year-old intractable man-children fiddle with their twiddles while America burns.