Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
— George Carlin

My friend recently asked a pseudo-Trump supporter, "What does it mean 'not my President'?" This is what it means to me.

The country, perhaps the world, is about to be manhandled by a puerile asshat who once said, “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.” That is not my president. It is abundantly clear that Trump is intellectually vapid, to the point where even cacti could not grow in the wide desert stretches of his fruit fly brain. That is not my president. The entirety of his life and being is transactional, never transformative, never altruistic, never truly humane. That is not my president. There lies but not a trace of curiosity coursing through his veins but, instead, a core resolve to divide and conquer at all costs in order to protect the paper tiger that he is underneath the wolf's cloak. A man whose sole whyfor is to inherit the earth as he has inherited everything else is a man forever pitiless, vindictive, stone-hearted, bloodthirsty, and conscienceless. That is not my president.

An adulterer is not rare among us, but a proud womanizer and a proud barbarian who preys upon women and women's rights like he preys upon hundred dollar bills is light years beyond the pale. That is not my president. But what he is not, is an imposter. Trump is a Boomslang who chews on his victims until they slowly, violently run out of possibilities to expend air from their lungs. George Carlin said, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” Trump wholly believes himself to be the god in a vast cluster of grunts. But he is a stupid, stupid, stupid man who galvanizes the stupid, stupid, stupid thinking of stupid, stupid, stupid Americans in order to perpetuate an agenda that somehow seems to be smart and revolutionary and relevant.

So, to all you Trump soldiers, hail your president all you want. It won't take long until he makes your oil companies and your financial companies and your development companies and your healthcare companies and your security companies more wealthy and more powerful than they have ever been while you try to figure out whether you should pay your medical bill or your utility bill, your tuition payment or your car payment.

Good bye public schools. Goodbye environment. Goodbye women's rights. Goodbye voting rights. Goodbye national parks and protected lands. Goodbye protected people. Goodbye freedom of speech. Hello more gun deaths. Hello more police brutality. Hello more uneducated kids. Hello more children and families in poverty. Hello more illegal searches and seizures.

Trump and his uber-army of militarized police will avidly put flag burners behind bars but let even more investment bankers plunder life savings and savage lives. And when Putin or Assad or Jong-un or Jinping are ready, they will tear the new administration and this country into pieces that are far tinier than Trumps greasy, little hands. And if anyone thinks that this election was not profoundly swayed by foreign interests, regardless of Clinton running a wholly inert / myopic campaign, you deserve what you will get more than anyone else.

So, there you have it. this writer and advocate will do everything he can, in his own micro way, to rip that tool's policies and plans and personal exploits to shreds in the months and years to come.

He is not my president, for long.