Here's what we should understand about the bully pulpit and why outlets like the Boston Globe run a piece like "Who Will Stand Up to Donald Trump?" Twitter's second largest shareholder is a Saudi billionaire Prince who also has stakes in News Corp (Fox), Citigroup (which took more rescue assistance than any other U.S. lender after the 2008 collapse"), and the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts ( which duped" investors into paying grossly inflated prices for condos and which is, incidentally, also owned by the world's richest man, Bill Gates who is a close friend and business ally of the Prince).

Facebook is owned by a 32-year-old who is the 3rd richest person in the world. We should not forget that M.Z. started this platform as a place to judge people by their looks. He has since failed to acknowledge the propensity of fake news click farms that drives millions to make poor choices. He continues to deny that the platform is a media company. And do not think for a moment that privacy on platforms like this is private. If it was, none of this platform would be here today. BTW - The Boston Globe is owned by a billionaire too.

Media outlets and those who helm them live and die by what we give them. Freedom of Speech now lives and dies by the bundles of money that lift it or kill it. Trump promises to punish people for burning the American flag. This is a clarion call to illustrate just how little he understands about that flag in the first place. Yet, why do we have this incessant desire to share ourselves so willingly? Why do we feed these machines?

Clinically, bully's like Trump seek to provoke targets to sustain their sense of power. They feed on any and all apparent weaknesses. And they live to defeat. By making ourselves readily and willingly available and vulnerable to the most well-heeled bullies, we automatically suckerpunch ourselves.

The way to upend this is to relentlessly show them to be the cowards they are, and humiliate them with intelligence and rationale, and use their money and their resources and their egos against them in ways they would never anticipate. Instead of looking at Trump as the icon of America's Fall, this is the time to prove just how powerful the 99% can be and reevaluate the relevance of our Tweets and our Facebook posts and our subscriptions to media and corporations that leverage our lives in the darkest of ways.

Trump does not see that he himself is the Apprentice. He may think he sits at the head of the world's boardroom, and he can brutalize all that cross his path, but he is about to find out just how powerful and loud and unrelenting and utterly unforgiving people can be when faced with the possibility that their children and their friends and their own lives hang in the balance.

We can use these platforms to OUR advantage. But if messages like this suddenly disappear or get blocked or spied upon or leveraged, etc., as has happened time and time again and continues to happen right now, there are countless and more effective means for raising a voice without being punished for doing so.