I'll Miss Ya, Dad.

It was midnight where I live in L.A. when my mother called — 3 a.m. in the pint-sized village of Dublin, Pennsylvania where she lives. As I saw her number on the caller ID, I said to myself, “This can’t be good.” I answered, “Mom, you OK?” Nothing but convulsive sobs in the receiver. Then, “They had to take Dad away.”

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My Fight with First Class

On my flight from Seattle to Los Angeles last night, it occurred to me that commercial airplanes are near-perfect archetypes of classism.  In fact, airlines proudly trumpet such division… First Class in front, Economy Class in the rear. 

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Billionaire Beatdown.

Amid all of our current income doom and gloom, for the very first time, the majority of Congress is now represented by charter members of the millionaires club. The folks for whom we punch ballots every two to four years, the ones we implore to give us, as Obama puts it, "a fair shake," are the ones that use our donations for a limo ride to the country club after a pit stop at the bank.

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Mother's Day Must Go

My mother is still alive.  And I love her.  I also love my wife and daughter to the moon and back.  But I don't love Mother's Day.  In fact, I think it should end.  Women don't deserve such a day of honor.  They deserve much, much more.

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Guns N' Moses

For Americans, "Gun" is a proper noun.  It's about as close to God as it gets.  AR15s, AK47s, UZIs, M1911s, Model 10s, Wingmasters,  Glocks... the list of our favorite firearm friends goes on and on like Lindsay Lohan's rehab.  Guns sell boatloads of movie tickets, boost CNN's ratings (if that's even possible) and breed the insanity we love to ignore.

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