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While the current President of the United States faces allegations of sexual assault, harassment and hush money scandals, a new, bombshell report cites six women who have decided to come forward with similar allegations against the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. Their stunning revelations include both physical and verbal improprieties covered up by an elaborate network of legal and political gatekeepers charged with preserving the former commander in chief's "family man" persona.

The scheme is said to have involved non-disclosure hush payments leading up to and continuing after Obama's occupation of the Oval. Two additional claimants are not alleging sexual assault or harassment but do appear to have been involved in extramarital affairs with Obama. Both women are former adult film stars.

Michelle Obama has yet to comment but is reportedly standing by her husband who is set to publicly deny all allegations within the coming week.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called this "an unfortunate turn of events." He continued, "The former president has his god and his family to answer to first, but we will also see how the American people judge him once facts are laid bare."

In a related report, this entire account has been a complete fabrication, the purpose of which is to underscore just how much darker the socio-political fabric of this country would have become should the events have been non-fiction.

Regardless of his policy decisions, many of which I loathed, and his pandering to mythical hope and change, instead of fighting forthright against the tide of political duplicitousness, Barack Obama evinced personal and professional dignity amidst a climate of racially charged turpitude to which no prior POTUS had been subjected.

Do we think for a moment that Mitch McConnell would not have publicly harangued Obama were the above true? Would McConnell, Ryan, and their ilk have stood idly by as Obama called his political adversaries "dogs?" Would they have stood idly by if Obama's henchmen paid off hookers to keep quiet before election day? Would they have stood idly by if Obama called women accusers "pigs," "bimbos," "pancake tits," and "bitches." Would they have stood idly by if Obama had repeated sexcapades with a hooker during Michelle's pregnancy with Sasha only to quash the affairs with fake money laundering LLCs, restraining orders, and bribes?

And what if scores of Jews were savaged by Neo-Nazis in southern cities and Obama proclaimed, "There were very fine people on both sides." Would there not be riots in the streets of every American conservatown?

For anyone who disbelieves all 19 women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault or harassment and the others who have asserted that they had extramarital affairs with him, wholesale ignorance cum hypocrisy is shameless at best. Trump nearly savaged a man over his birth certificate because Trump is a racist. Trump continues to savage women he wronged and all women for that matter via his policies and practices, because he is a sexist. Trump has systematically attempted to savage sums of ethnicities, because he is a white supremacist. Trump has dedicated every minute of every day either preying upon or pressing his boot heel on the larynx of the financially insecure, because he is a classist.

There isn't a Republican under the dome or for that matter nearly enough Democrats willing to say exactly what needs to be said because of potential consequences at the polls. We deserve everything we have today, which is nearing less than we have ever had in the modern era. There is but a tiny trace of dignity, integrity, and honesty left in our midst.