Access Equals Excess


The blitz of sex “scandals” and abuses like those of Anthony Weiner, O’Reilly, Franken, Lauer, Cosby, oh, and our President, is that one particular subject is not being addressed in any of the gazillion reports we have heard since such tweets hit the fan.

That subject is the social network effect.

While Blitzer and Maddow and Hannity and morning shows and late night shows galore launch witch-hunts and one-liners, maybe they should have focused on the real slippery eel: boundless person-to-person access borne of the 24/7/365 social networking cycle.

According to the bloated blokes at Facebook, global users spend 700 billion minutes per month talking about, well, everything from cat tricks and what’s-for-dinner to Wiener’s wiener to Weinstein’s unfathomable evil.

The real rub here, however, is what exactly makes people so rabid about “disrobing” in such a global manner?  Truth is, I don’t give a rat’s ass about your dinner menu or your kid’s soccer goal.  And thusly, you may loathe my huffing and puffing herein. But has connectivity unveiled the madness or fueled it?

Regardless, should we not put the brakes on sharing?   Facebook was created by a money-grubbing geekbot who is (not-so) subtly auctioning your life to a world of equally money-grubbing geekbots who then masterfully exploit every last addiction from you, me and the other social networking slaves in their back pocket. And let’s not forget, Zuckerberg stole the idea, designed it to humiliate and degrade women and mete his Napoleon Complex to the masses.

This diabolism has consumed social media, news media, and quite frankly, everything we know.   It is the very capstone of corporatism. 

Is writing about your grilled cheese on Facebook tantamount to your ideas on job creation or police brutality or climate change?  Because few of us will have jobs if Facebook or their eventual successor acquires the U.S. Government in a bidding war with Wal-Mart and then sells it to China.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission – quite possibly the most latitudinous judgment that has ever enabled our steady march toward plutocracy – has forged this whole social supply chain.  Money > Business > Government > Policy > Plutocracy > Technocracy > Dick Pics > Death of Democracy.