Time to Facebook the Facts.


Sometimes, the truth is a dragon.

The masses know what Facebook is but are loathe to abandon its trappings. Facebook is a colossal front for the corporate schemes of an ostensibly maladjusted, boundlessly manipulative young man. This same young man also happens to be able to deploy exceptional intelligence as a means for thwarting government officials in their ignorant quest to beat back a boogeyman and otherwise enact regulations over the unregulable behemoth we call the Web.

One of my "friends" employed a Facebook third party app which caused my profile information to be gobbled up by operators of a deeply disturbing data aggregator cum dark operator. Good thing is, I don't use Facebook for what it farcically ascribes itself to be - a lifeline to those in one's social circle and a prod for stoking dormant relationships from days gone by.

Instead, I use Facebook as a means for stating that truth has become fiction that manifests itself in dangerous digital machines like Facebook - it is a remarkable, nightmarish farce yielding boundless bounty from a capitalist goldmine.

What is this thing that is done with reckless abandon these days? It is an incessant desire for the world to virtually peek through our living room windows, to donate copious photos and accounts of our kids to an unknown artificial realm while we simultaneously forewarn our young ones about taking candy from strangers. We regale over mundane visits to the supermarket or the latest-greatest from dandy pets.

To over-share, to jeopardize the remaining threads of our personal lives is that which is now acceptably in perpetual motion. What we learn from this latest chapter with Zuckerberg is that "friend"ships matter as long as they can be monetized. For people who believe that friendships matter more in backyards, schoolyards, corporate courtyards, parks, bars, and streets, then perhaps the best that can be done is to use this tool to expose this tool and other such shams until their true relevance comes to light and their dearly beloved data targets wave bye-bye.