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Billionaire Beatdown.

Amid all of our current income doom and gloom, for the very first time, the majority of Congress is now represented by charter members of the millionaires club. The folks for whom we punch ballots every two to four years, the ones we implore to give us, as Obama puts it, "a fair shake," are the ones that use our donations for a limo ride to the country club after a pit stop at the bank.

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A Woman's Work is Never, Ever, Ever Done.

The "Women's March" was extraordinary in magnitude and volume and camaraderie and collaboration and cooperation and general canon.  Yet, the white woman's march toward a certain conservatism might be the bigger story and the one that needs far more telling. 

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Truth is Overrated

The truth has been something to fight for, something to live for, something to die for.  But the problem with the truth is that nobody believes it anymore. This is a world where fact is distraction and fiction is flawless. The truth is boring. The truth is too…truthful.  But lies.  Lies are sexy and mysterious. Lies illustrate our deepest innovation. Lies make for our most historic moments. Lies are great for business. And above all, lies validate the yawn that is truth.

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