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Part Two: Pink Wave or Passing Ripple?

While more women nationwide deploy their votes, their voices and their service to combat gender-based bias, men apparently believe silence remains golden.  A resounding 16 of 17 women participated in interviews for part one of this two-part series on the status of gender equality in Pasadena.  A mere four of 15 men obliged for part two. From Pasadena to Pittsburg, this is an all-too-familiar tale of dueling narratives – one lives wildly aloud while the other remains eerily silent.  The challenge thus becomes how to write a tale of two tribes when one tribe has all but gone fishing. 

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Part One: Pink Wave or Passing Ripple?

Despite an ostensibly progressive social climate, and the fact that females comprise roughly 52 percent of Pasadena’s population, top government offices and chief executive suites are occupied by a trivial amount of local women.

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